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Laser Hair Removal


Tired and frustrated with your hairy situation?

Shaving, waxing, plucking…it never ends!

 There has to be a better way to get rid of unwanted hair.

You probably have questions, so let’s get right to it.  

This might be the answer to your smooth silky dreams!

How does laser hair removal work?

The hair follicle is exposed to pulsing laser light that in turn destroys the unwanted hair. 

Is it effective?

Yes, it is, that’s why it is becoming one of the most popular medical aesthetic procedures available. 

How does it work on different hair colors or skin types?

The combination of light skin and dark hair make for the best results.  Blonde and red hair can also be treated, but the results will not be as good as dark brown or black hair. 

Grey and white hair cannot be treated by laser.  Keep in mind that your hair must be darker than your skin to successfully target the hair follicles.  

Is it safe? Are there any side effects?

Generally speaking, treatments are safe.  Skin irritation, redness, swelling, and mild soreness, are the most common symptoms.  In rare cases, there is potential for blistering, or scarring.

How many treatments are required?  How soon will I see results?

Hair grows in phases, so you will need a number of treatments to ensure all the hair is removed from the target area. 

Most people need at least 7 treatments to accomplish this.  

Keep in mind there are a lot of variables that can influence the number of treatments required. 

Factors can include:

  • Skin color
  • The part of the body to be treated
  • Coarseness and color of the hair
  • The reason for the removal
  • Even whether you are a woman or man can all play a part.

How much does it cost?

As usual, the short answer is it depends.

The total cost will depend on what areas you want to treat, and how many treatments you need to get results.  

Generally speaking, a single treatment can be as low as $40 for a small area like between the eyebrows, or as high as $500 for a full body treatment. 

Do I shave before treatment?

Yes, unlike waxing, you should shave before coming in for your laser hair removal appointment. 

Also, note that you will not be able to have laser treatment if you have recently waxed.  The laser targets the pigment of the follicles, so they need to be there for the treatment to work.

Will it hurt?

I’m not going to sugar coat this, chances are you will feel some pain. 

Most people tolerate it pretty well, and the sensation is often described as having an elastic band snapped against your skin.

Is it possible to only reduce the amount of hair?

Let’s say you want to thin out the hair on your chest, or some other part of your body, instead of going fully smooth.  

How long is each session?

Expect each session to last from 20 minutes to one hour depending on the area you are having treated. 

Bikini and underarm areas are generally quick; however, backs and legs will need more time.

Pre/post considerations – How to prepare before treatment:

I don’t have to tell you that you should always be wearing sunscreen, but it is even more important after a treatment. 

Even if you don’t feel any different, make sure to apply sunscreen generously, as your skin will be more sensitive afterward.

Shaving in between treatments is fine, but do not wax or pluck, remember you can’t zap hair follicles that aren’t there!

There you have it, everything I know about laser hair removal. If you have any more questions click that contact button and send us a message.